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Parish Council Statement Regarding Request to SCC to Improve Safety on our Roads

The 2021 Coddenham Annual Parish Meeting was held on the 6th May and three parishioners raised concerns about plans to address safety and congestion issues in the High Street and the possible impact on the village shop and residents parking. 

The Parish Council were grateful to the parishioners that attended and raised these concerns. If there has been a misunderstanding, the Parish Council wish to make this statement to clarify the situation as follows:

1) There are no plans to change the parking or the road markings in front of or opposite the village shop.

2) There are no plans to change the parking or road markings in the High Street (other than Crown Corner) or anywhere else in Coddenham. 

3) In response to a number of potential public safety issues the Parish Council has requested Suffolk County Council (SCC) to consider a small section of double yellow lines on the inside of Crown Corner (at the bottom of the High Street and shown for illustrative purposes as the red line in Figure 1 below).

4) Any changes of this nature are complicated and will require public consultation. The Parish Council will communicate details in the future once Suffolk County Council Highways have completed their surveys and Council Leader Matthew Hicks has agreed to fund further progress.

5) The Parish Council is actively seeking the removal of the abandoned Ford Ka near the bottom of the High Street to free up a parking space.

6) Matthew Hicks has agreed that SCC funding of white line painting will include the repainting of all existing white lines in Coddenham village.

For more details please click on Parish Council Statement or visit our Safety page

Reporting Local Issues

If you come across any local issues, please report them. Issues other than roads and grit bins can be reported directly to the District Council. This includes a wide range of issues including anti-social behaviour, graffiti, flooding, alleged breaches of planning, abandoned vehicles and even dead animals. To do this please visit the Mid-Suffolk District Council Reporting website. If the issue relates to the roads/highways then you can report it directly to Suffolk County Council Highways team. This includes any problems with blocked drains, flooding, heavy goods vehicle incidents, grass cutting, signs, road markings, potholes, pavement defects, public right of ways, street lighting, trees or hedges that affect the highway and more. Please visit the Suffolk County Council Highways website. If you discover a grit bin that has run out of grit please contact the Parish Clerk because Suffolk County Council only refill bins if it is reported by a Parish Council.

COVID-19 Update: 

District case rate as of 9th June 2021

As of 9 June there have been 30,714 total lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Suffolk. In total there have been 4034.1 cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 people. This is the lowest overall COVID-19 case rate in the East of England.

District case rate as of 9th June

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Rules from 17th May 2021 - Stage three of the easing of lockdown 

Information from Public Health Suffolk

You can meet people as follows: 

People can meet in groups of up to 30 outdoors.

Six people or two households can meet indoors, with overnight stays allowed. 

Social distancing with close family and friends is a matter of personal judgement, but people are asked to remain cautious around close contact, like hugging. 

What is now open? 

Adult indoor group sports and exercise classes can restart 

Outdoor and indoor entertainment, such as theatres, cinemas, museums, children's play areas, zoos, theme parks, libraries and community centres 

All shops, hairdressers, beauty salons and other close-contact services 

What else can I do? 

Restaurants, cafes and pubs can seat customers indoors (following the rule of six or two households) 

Up to 30 people can attend weddings or other life events, like christenings or funerals 

Care home residents allowed five named visitors and more freedom for visits out of the home

Performances and large events can restart, but with limits on audience numbers 

Can I travel? 

Non-essential journeys are allowed; continue to work from home if you can 

Hotels, hostels and B&Bs can reopen in the UK 

Some international leisure travel may resume. Countries are in three categories: green, amber and red, with different testing and isolation rules. Green countries have the fewest rules.


Can I access testing if I don’t have any symptoms? 

1 in 3 people with the coronavirus do not show any symptoms. 

Through testing we can stop the spread of the virus to other people. 

Go online to book a test or a home test kit at www.suffolk.gov.uk/coronavirus-covid-19/getting-a-test/ or call 0333 772 6144 (interpreters are available). 

Hands. Face. Space. Fresh Air

Whether you have had a vaccination or not, you can catch and pass Covid-19 onto other people, so still remember ‘Hands. Face. Space. Fresh Air’: 

Hands – wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds 

Face – wear a face covering over nose and mouth in indoor settings 

Space – stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with where possible 

Fresh Air – meet in the fresh air. Keep buildings well ventilated 


If you are worried about your bills, your job or your home, call the Suffolk Advice and Support Service free on 0800 068 3131 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. 

If you are self-isolating, call the Home, But Not Alone helpline for support free on 0800 876 6926 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. 

Find information about testing in Suffolk, changes to local services, how to get help and guidance on schools, business and wellbeing by visiting the Suffolk County Council Coronavirus site 

Each week colleagues at the Suffolk and North-East Essex care system (SNEE) send out an update on the vaccine roll out in Suffolk. This update can be found here.

Welcome to Coddenham

Coddenham was the largest settlement in Suffolk during the Roman occupation of Britain. Situated on the B1078, 2 miles to the east of the A140 and 8 miles to the North of Ipswich in the heart of Mid Suffolk.

This website provides information about the formal business of the Parish Council. This includes a record of meetings, details of Councillors and the work they do, Parish Council newsletters, links to public consultations and an events calendar showing future meeting dates and other local events.

Coddenham has a wide range of local community groups, including St Marys Church, a Community Shop, a Community Centre for sports and leisure, a History Club and a Country Club for drinks and events. Please click on Community Links to find out more.

The Coddenham Community Response Group

Information about the Coddenham Community Response Group, can be found on the Coddenham Community Response Group Link Page



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