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Women's Cycling Tour - Stage 6

Stage 6 of the Women’s Cycling Tour is taking place next Saturday, 9th October, and will pass through Coddenham shortly before 2pm.

The world’s top female cyclists will be cycling through the village from Sandy Lane, over the bridge into Church Road before turning right and climbing up the High Street. The event is being televised and there will be many places to watch the cyclists and to enjoy the events that are being put on in the village. Please come along and support this event and enjoy some of the great activities that are taking place: 

  • The Coddenham Centre have a number of excellent activities for children taking place from 12 noon – 3pm and a mobile pizza from 5pm
  • St Mary’s Church have moved their coffee morning to the afternoon so that we can enjoy tea, coffee and cakes in the churchyard, starting at 2pm
  • The Country Club will be opening at 1pm to welcome members and guests for refreshments
  • The Community Shop will be open from 8am - 4pm stocking all of your everyday essentials. Also on offer is the outside seating to enjoy a hot or cold beverage, filled roll, pasty, scone or homemade cake

St Mary’s Church, the Community Shop and the Country Club are excellent locations to watch the event, and the Coddenham Centre has many activities and parking just a short distance away.

Parking Restrictions

The Race Organisers have put signs on the High Street and are also delivering leaflets to houses on the High Street. Parking is not permitted on the High Street between 10am and 3pm on Saturday the 9th October to enable the cyclists to come through the village. The Coddenham Centre have kindly provided a designated area for High Street residents to park their cars, the parking area is at the Coddenham Centre near the glass recycling bins. In addition, we will be knocking on doors in the High Street to double-check that residents are aware and know where the alternative parking is located.

Whilst this is an inconvenience for anyone who parks on the High Street the Coddenham Centre is a short distance away and this is just for the period between 10am and 3pm on Saturday the 9th October. The upside is you will have a terrific location to watch the race from!

Please adhere to the parking restrictions because we don’t want vehicles to be removed by Race Organisers.

For details about the whole event please visit Women's Cycling World Tour - Stage 6

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