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Dukes Head: Planning Refusal for Development at the rear

Mid Suffolk District Council (MSDC) have refused a planning application for the "erection of single storey sustainable pavilion style dwelling with new vehicular access created to north boundary (to private drive) to fund refurbishment of Dukes Head Inn." 

Please read the MSDC Decision

MSDC state that "the proposal is refused on highways grounds as the context and constraints of the track are such that it would not provide an adequate access for the proposed dwelling and, although the proposal would be likely to generate a fairly small number of vehicle movements, it would nevertheless be detrimental to highway safety."

The Parish Council are pleased with this decision because this planning application was being used as a reason to not progress with the development of the Dukes Head pub. Now a decision has been made, unless it is appealed, there is no reason to not progress with the Dukes Head development. The Parish Council will continue to lobby MSDC to speed up the progress of the Dukes Head.

The Parish Council has for many years been escalating the situation with the Dukes Head pub on the High Street, lobbying for action to be taken to reinstate it as a pub. In October '20 the owners were granted planning permission by MSDC to convert the building into a home. MSDC received only 4 comments from residents, 2 in favour of conversion, and 2 against.

There was also a five year “Asset of Community Value” period. This allows for other interests to come forward to try and activate community interest in the site. However, despite the very best efforts of some parishioners, unfortunately nothing was able to be resolved.

East Anglian Daily News article

Planning Approval 


Pipps Ford: Parish Council Objection to Planning application consultation by Mid Suffolk District Council, land at Pipps Ford, Coddenham.


Proposal: Planning Application - Change of use of part of land to use as a construction and agricultural training facility including new training centre and associated car park and hardstand, equipment/machinery store and scaffold area. Change of use of remainder of land to use for the grazing of horses and sheep including new stables and storage shed. Associated fencing and landscaping and alterations to existing access to site.

Location: Land Adjoining, A14 Slip Off To A140, Coddenham, Suffolk

Full details of this application are available to view online by visiting https://planning.baberghmidsuffolk.gov.uk/online-applications/ and entering DC/21/00487 in the "Planning - Simple Search" box next to the "Search" Button at the bottom of the page)

MSDC (Mid Suffolk District Council) have notified the Parish Council of planning application ref. DC/21/00487 which proposes the “Change of use of land from equestrian to training centre”, with the full submission details available to view at the link above.

On the 4th March the PC held a Planning Meeting which was attended by many of the parishioners affected by this application. The Council agreed unanimously to object in the strongest terms. The Council are very concerned that this is a residential area and particularly unsuitable for commercial development. It is designated as “an area of Special Landscape Interest”. The Council also has serious concerns about the traffic levels entering and exiting the Pipps Ford road on the busy A140/A14 roundabout and the lack of input from SCC Highways. It is also very concerned about noise and disruption. Overall this is an inappropriate site for this type of commercial development and there are many commercial areas in the vicinity that would be more suitable.

Please read the Parish Council formal response.


Planning in General

The Parish Council has a legal right to see copies of planning applications and to express our views. We do not make decisions on planning, this is done by the District Council through its planning committee and officers.

To view the latest planning applications for Coddenham, click Planning Applications.

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Planning decisions are also listed via the same link

The agenda for each Parish Council meeting will show which planning applications are being reviewed (these are made public on the website and on parish noticeboards at least 5 days before the meeting), and the minutes for each meeting capture the outcome of these reviews.