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Protecting Your Information

Data Protection Essentials

The Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set out six data protection principles to provide clear guidance on the main responsibilities of organisations and individuals when processing data, as well as the kinds of practices which will respect and help reinforce peoples' data rights.

Coddenham Parish Council abides by these principles when we work with your data by:

1. processing data fairly, lawfully and in a transparent manner;

2. only using your data for the purpose for which it was collected for:

3. only retaining adequate, and relevant data by not retaining excessive data;

4. ensuring the data we hold is accurate and up to date;

5. not keeping your data for longer than is necessary;

6. processing your data securely.


The regulatory principle of accountability requires Coddenham Parish Council to be proactive and to take responsibility for how we process data and comply with the six data protection principles.

Coddenham Parish Council demonstrates this compliance by having implemented appropriate measures by adopting policies & procedures, regularly reviewing them and undertaking internal audits.

Individuals Rights - 

Right to transparency on how personal data is used.

Right to confirmation that data is being processed, access to said data and other supplementary information.

Right to rectify incomplete or inaccurate data.

Right to have data deleted if requested or if no longer being processed.

Right to block processing of data.

Right to obtain and re-use your own personal data for your own purposes.

Right to object to processing and direct marketing.

Right to not have decisions made for you by organisations based on automated processing, if it produces a legal effect or a similarly significant effect on you as an individual.


  • For more information on your rights in regards to your personal information and how to access it, please contact the Parish Clerk.