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Your Councillors


In accordance  with the Localism Act 2011 ss26 to 37, Coddenham Parish Council, at its meeting held on 12 May 2022, adopted the revised Councillor Code of Conduct 2022. The adopted Code of Conduct can be viewed at Coddenham Parish Councillor Code of Conduct.

All Councillors have registered their pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests with Mid Suffolk District Council and these are published on Mid Suffolk District Council's website. To  view a copy of the Councillors' Register of Interests please use the link below to be redirected to the relevant pages - Coddenham Parish Councillors Registers of Interest.

Roles and Responsibilities

Finance / Precept                                                           Cllrs Gregory, Mills, Whitehead and the Clerk

Green Spaces and Footpaths Inc Trustees                Cllrs Burton, Mills and Soanes

Newsletter                                                                       Cllr Gregory

Planning                                                                           Cllrs Denning and Gregory

Roads                                                                               Cllr Denning and the Highways Working Group

Parish Council website                                                  Cllr Mills (interim) and the Clerk

Ten Village News                                                            Cllr Mills

Public Transport                                                             All Cllrs

Energy Conservation and Recycling                            Cllr Gregory, Cllr Mills and Cllr Soanes

The Community Shop – liaison cllr                              Cllr Whitehead

The Day Foundation – liaison cllr                                Cllr Denning

The Coddenham Centre – liaison cllr                         Cllr Mills

CCRG                                                                                Cllr Mills

SALC                                                                                 Cllr Gregory

Gardemau – liaison cllr                                                 Cllr Whitehead   



Rob Denning, Councillor

Rob and his wife Anthea moved to Coddenham from Hampshire in 2018.

As an architect Rob is interested in the environment and helping to find ways to reduce the traffic problems that affect many residents in the village.

Rob can be contacted by email at coddenhamcllr.robdenning@gmail.com


Nick Mills, Councillor

Nick, together with his wife Diane, have lived in Coddenham since 2003. Now fully retired, Nick spent over 41 years, largely London based, in private banking and asset management, with the past 20 years managing change programmes. He has travelled extensively, although much of it has been to/from London, by train.

In addition to gardening and genealogy, Nick is a life-long Ipswich Town supporter,.

Nick can be contacted by email at coddenhamcllr.nickmills@gmail.com

Special Responsibilities - Vice-Chair


Jane Soanes, Councillor

Jane and her husband Andrew have lived in Coddenham for over 25 years.
Having previously worked in primary education and the civil service, Jane jointly ran Coddenham Food Store - now the Community Shop - for 9 years. In 2008 Jane organised the fund raising for the current Childrens Play Area installed in 2010.

A keen gardener and Coddenham allotment holder, Jane now works part time at a plant nursery. Her interests are the environment and green issues, and she is a member of the Parish Council working group for Broom Hill and Mill Hill.


Sarah Gregory, Councillor

Sarah has lived in Coddenham with her husband, David, since 2008. She is qualified as a solicitor and has worked both in private practice and as a house lawyer in several multinational businesses. Sarah’s interests include traveling, gardening, horses, skiing and paddle-boarding.
Sarah can be contacted by email at cllrsarahgregory@gmail.com.

Special Responsibilities - Chair


John Whitehead, Councillor

John has only recently moved into Coddenham but for the past 12 years he has been a district councillor for the Claydon & Barham ward (Mid Suffolk) which has, from 2019, included the parish of Coddenham. For many years John was also a parish councillor on Claydon & Whitton Parish Council, so although new here, he has extensive experience of the role. John and his wife Tracey have attended many events in Coddenham since 2019, liking the village so much that they decided to move here! John is a retired Chartered Accountant and an ITFC season ticket holder.


Donald Burton, Councillor

Donald can be contacted by email at CPCCllDonaldBurton@gmail.com

Members of staff

Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer (RFO)

Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) Maggie Burt

Maggie may be contacted by email at clerk.coddenhampc@gmail.com, by phone on 07548 152181