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Financial Documents and Reports

The Parish Council's annual financial documents and reports can be found in this section. Interim financial reports presented to the Parish Council at its regular full meetings can be found in the Agenda and supporting papers and documents in the Parish Council Meetings section, for the specific month.

As a local authority managing public assets and money, the Parish Council is required to undergo a two-tier, annual audit in line with national accounting regulations.

The process starts shortly after the financial year end, March 31st, when the final draft accounts are produced. All papers are then sent to the Internal Auditor, (1st tier), who checks them for accuracy and lawfulness. Once that is completed, Accounting and Governance Statements are produced in May, to coincide with the Annual General Meeting of the Council, and this document, with supporting papers, is sent to the External Auditor, (tier 2), for a final review.

Subject to any enquiries raised by the external auditor, the Notice of Completion of Audit, is usually published before the end of September.